Directorate of Higher Education Shimla sent notice foreign tours of teachers, strict action

The Sukhu government has started taking strict measures for the teachers of Himachal Pradesh, where on one hand, teachers are not ready to provide their services in remote areas of the state, while on the other hand, arbitrary departure of teachers abroad is causing problems for the schools. This is affecting education.

Teachers of the state go on foreign tours without taking permission from Himachal Pradesh Higher Education Directorate, Shimla, due to which the courses of government schools remain incomplete as per the time table.

The Directorate of Higher Education Shimla has issued an important notification regarding foreign tours to the principals, teachers and employees of all the government schools of the state.

The notification states in a strict tone that no teacher will go abroad for holidays without the permission of the Directorate of Higher Education, Shimla, before the foreign tour.

Besides, a circular regarding foreign tours has also been issued by Himachal Pradesh Higher Education Directorate, Shimla. Under the circular issued, an important format has also been sent to all the government schools of the state.

In the format, all the teachers have been asked to share data regarding all the foreign tours so far. Besides, information related to the reason for foreign tour and permission from the Education Department has also been sought through the format. Teachers have been asked to fill the format regarding how much time they spent on foreign tour.

The Directorate of Higher Education Shimla is going to play an important role in increasing the arbitrariness of teachers and improving the ranking of the level of education. DDirectorate of Higher Education Shimla, Dr. Amarjeet Sharma has said that the State Education Department has taken action against the principals, teachers and employees of government schools who go on foreign tour without taking permission.

Apart from this, it has also been asked to send the format for information about foreign tours of all the teachers who went abroad without permission. According to the rules of the Directorate of Higher Education Shimla, action is going to be taken against teachers who go on private foreign tours without the permission of the Education Department and it is possible that they may even be fired from the job.

Concerned over the continuously falling standards of education in government schools of the state and poor performance of schools in board examinations, the Directorate of Higher Education Shimla is keeping a close watch on the performance of principals, teachers and speakers.

Due to teachers going on foreign tours without permission, guest teachers have to be appointed and due to the guest teachers being less experienced, they are not able to teach the children properly due to which the children are continuously failing in the board examinations.

Due to weak basic education, children from remote and tribal areas of the state drop out of studies due to failure in board exams, which has forced the education department to take strict action on foreign tours.

To improve the level of education, the opening of ten Rajiv Gandhi Day-boarding has been announced by CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu in the financial budget of the state. The CM has also said that annual grading of the educational institutions of the state is also going to be done.

The announcement of grants to the government schools of the state is going to be made only on the basis of the performance of annual grading. Apart from this, the government is also going to make changes in the rules of DIET and SCERT to improve the training of teachers.

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