Top Dental Hygienist Tips for Better Oral Health

Taking care of your teeth at home is the first defense against painful dental issues
down the road. But with contradictory suggestions floating around, how do you
know what dental hygiene tips really work?

We asked London’s top dental hygienists from Thousand Smiles Clinic to share
their insider expertise, so you can confidently care for your smile. Read on for easy
home techniques to keep your teeth sparkling clean, along with when you do need
to seek professional help.

Twice Daily Brushing

Our number one tip straight from the hygienists is to brush after both breakfast and
before bed, at least twice per day without fail. Use soft or ultrasoft bristles held at a
45-degree angle to the gumline. Gently, using small circles, thoroughly clean the
front, back, and top chewing surfaces of teeth.

Focus brushing efforts where plaque builds up most—at the gumline and between
teeth. Remember to also lightly brush the tongue, roof of the mouth, and inner cheek area.
This slow and thorough brushing prevents tartar buildup better than rushed efforts.

Floss Every Night

While brushing hits surface areas, daily flossing before bed gets between tight
teeth, spaces, and under the gumline, where hidden decay starts. Gently rub up and
down each side to remove hidden food debris and plaque the toothbrush misses
between teeth. For wider gaps, use soft picks and interdental brushes.

Tongue Scraping

That white gunk on your tongue isn’t just gross-looking; it traps bacteria, leading to
to bad breath. Hygienists suggest using a dedicated tongue scraper twice a day
when brushing to dislodge sulphur compounds and prevent halitosis. Scrap gently
from back to front, using modest pressure.

Limit Staining foods and drinks.

I love your coffee, red wine, curry, and berries. The strong pigments can really stain
teeth over time. Our dental hygienists suggest limiting consumption to mealtimes
only versus snacking all day. Rinse mouth after eating/drinking these and consider
periodically using whitening toothpaste. An occasional professional whitening can
help brighten stained smiles.

See Us Every Six Months

No matter how diligent your homecare routine, it’s vital to have your teeth
professionally cleaned at the dentist every 6 months minimum. Only a skilled
hygienist can remove calcified tartar, hardened plaque and stains that homecare
can’t touch, including below your gumline, where periodontal disease breeds.
Regular visits also catch early decay before it requires drilling and filling.

Protect With Fluoride

Nearly all London tap water contains some fluoride, helping strengthen enamel
against acid damage leading to caries and cavity formation. But for optimal
protection, use fluoride toothpaste twice daily. We can also apply professional
fluoride treatments periodically to reinforce vulnerable teeth. Protect baby teeth
the same once they erupt.

Healthy Diet = Healthy Smile

Restricting sugary snacks and acidic drinks limits enamel erosion and decay-
causing bacteria. But calcium and phosphorous-rich whole foods like nuts, seeds,
Yogurt and cheese remineralize and rebuild teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like

Apples, carrots, and cucumbers also act like nature’s scrub brush. Stay hydrated
with plenty of water all day, rather than sugary or acidic beverages.

Consider Sealants

Deep grooves on chewing surfaces trap food easily, leading to decay and pain
cavities. Protect vulnerable teeth, like molars, via thin plastic sealant coatings
bonded by the hygienist to form a barrier. Most adults can benefit from sealants too
not just kids. Sealants last 5–10 years, then require replacing.

See Your London Dental Hygienists

Follow these essential yet simple dental hygiene tips daily to maintain your
brightest, healthiest smile between biannual cleanings. Protect your oral health
(and wallet) against expensive dental repairs down the road with dedicated
homecare, professional cleaning, and exams.

Don’t Brush Too Hard

Applying too much pressure when brushing can actually damage gum tissue and
erode enamel over time. Use a soft grip and light strokes, letting the brush bristles
do the work. Invest in an electric toothbrush, which provides enhanced cleaning
with less abrasion.

Be Gentle With Sensitive Teeth

If you experience temperature or pressure sensitivity, use a desensitizing toothpaste
daily. We also offer professional treatments to seal dentin tubules for relief. Switch
to soft bristles or silicone sensory brushes. Rinse mouth with cool water as hot as
washes open pores.

Consider Orthodontic Care

Misaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth trap more food and plaque, leading to
inflamed gums and potential decay. Be proactive and see your dentist about
whether orthodontics like Invisalign or braces could benefit your oral health in
addition to beautifying your smile.

Stop Smoking and Tobacco Use

Smoking raises the risk of gum disease, infection, and oral cancer while also
staining teeth and skin. The chemicals destroy healthy mouth-bacterial balance
needed for self-cleansing. Quit smoking through various therapies, along with
stopping tobacco chewing or vaping for better lifelong dental health.

Relax Clenching/Grinding

Clenching or grinding teeth under stress wears down enamel and cracks teeth over time.
time, requiring extensive dental repair work. Try managing life pressures via
exercise, meditation, or speak to your GP about muscle relaxants. We also provide
customary night guards easing the unconscious habit for sounder sleep.
For the highest quality dental hygiene services, the experienced clinic staff at
Thousand Smiles Clinic wishes your smile the very best lifelong health and
happiness! Contact us in London at 02080500280 for your next appointment.

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