A Guide to Buy Artificial Nails Online in Pakistan

Artificial nails are gorgeous things to your personality with style. It makes you look very beautiful. If you are a busy or working lady then you might not have time to deal with expensive appointments to get your nails done and also you have to spend lots of cash. 

Importance of Artificial Nails

It is very hard to get rid of salon nails as they are built-in to your natural nails and you need to go to the salon every time to remove them. All these points make it very clear that you need to have an artificial stick on your nails. You can apply them daily. Their super convenient and easy application of applying nails makes artificial nails a must-have. 

You can get Artificial nails online in Pakistan easily. They are lifesavers and can be applied anywhere and anytime flawlessly. They can be reusable many times without breaking or getting patchy. All these factors make artificial nails super convenient and easy to apply.

Buying the Best Artificial Nails Online

In this fast-paced world, the Internet has made our lives super convenient. You can just search for the best artificial nails from a reputable and trustworthy platform. It is very easy to get nails in every shape and size nowadays. Some of the basic shapes you can order are:

  • Square Shaped 
  • Almond Shaped 
  • Pointed Shaped
  • Coffin Shaped 

You can buy nails in gel or acrylic forms. Before going on a nail hunt, make sure to research them properly.  Consider reading the reviews and feedback from others in case you are buying for the first time. You can get the best nails set for yourself this way. Also, examine your hands and see what shape goes well with your hands. Buy hand nails online to adorn your hands.

Keep in mind, that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the artificial nails at all. You need to get these nails in every color, design, shape, or texture. Apply more often to have a perfect grip. You can customize them if you want to. These artificial nails add some extra touch of style and drama to your look and you look charming effortlessly.

Application of Artificial Nails

Applying artificial nails is not a big deal. It is a very easy and hassle-free experience one can do at home. Artificial nails provide varieties and are highly used around the world. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands
  • File the base of your natural nail
  • Cut your natural nail short
  • Selecting the right size for your nail
  • Stick the adhesive tabs inside the artificial nail
  • Press it on your nail for a few seconds
  • Buffing or resizing 


  • Wash Your Hands

Never apply artificial nails on your dirty or unwashed hands. It can cause allergies or bacteria to grow. For massive protection, it is good to always start with washing your hands. If you can not wash your hands, use alcohol swabs to clean the surface properly. The more your hands are clean, the more artificial nails will stick better.

  • File the Base of Your Natural Nail

Now, you have to file your natural nail to give it a bit of texture. When you texture your nail it makes the artificial nail glide on easily. So, make sure to file your nails before the application. Here is a pro tip, do not go too rude with the buffer or filer. 

Just be gentle and soft while doing this process because a minor cut or injury can cause infection. Stay patient while doing this process and once you are done, clean your nails with a soft brush.

  • Cut Your Natural Nail   Short 

Cutting your natural nails can be highly beneficial in the application. Firstly, it will look super decent and neat. Secondly, it makes the fake nail adjust easily. You can easily glide your nails on the nail. Long nails underneath an artificial nail cause damage and are difficult to stick. It is better to cut your nails short.

  • Selecting the Right Size for Your Nail

If you will not select the right and appropriate size for your nail it can not sit well. To adjust the nail perfectly, make sure you are choosing the right size. For this purpose, you can keep each nail on your natural nail’s cuticle and can see the difference. If an artificial nail is covering your entire natural nail, it is a perfect match then.

  • Stick the Adhesive Tabs Inside the Artificial Nail

Once you are done with selecting the nails. Now, comes the most interesting and fun part of sticking the adhesive tabs. You have to stick it in both ways whether inside the artificial nail or on your natural nail. These tabs are so sticky and give you a firm grip. You can do many tasks after applying these nails. The best part is that these nails can stick for many days.

  • Press it on Your Nail for a Few Seconds

The second last step is to press the nails together so they can stick with each other, accurately. After 5 to 6 seconds your very own artificial nails stick and you can flaunt them happily. You can use the UV light machine to stick the nail. The best thing about presses on nails is that they do not take much of your time and can be applied quickly.

  • Buffing or Resizing

The last step is buffing or resizing. Now that you have nails on, just buff them and cut them according to your desired size. Isn’t it a cool and hassle-free process that too on a very cheap price?

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