10 impeccable features of Real estate app

When we proceed further to use an app, some questions pop up naturally in our minds. Like, what exactly is someone looking for while opting for an application? What are the expectations from an app that mainly deals with property dealing with real estate? Besides this, the primary purpose of a real estate app is to attract potential customers while making the entire process of purchasing and selling real easy.

It is quite near to impossible to list all the real estate app features at one place. However, some of the significant ones are highlighted here. If you are taking help of a real estate app development company for building an app then make sure that these features exist there.

1. Simple and convenient onboarding

All housing and real estate apps need to have the presence of this feature. Many people begin to use this kind of app because of the simple and convenient login process. It allows them to checkout the property in no time by registering quickly. Thus, if you are a real estate app development company, ensure to build something that can captivate the user from starting to end.

Let new users crawl on the app with the help of one time authentication (OTP) process and through social media and email account verification. Provide the user the choice so that they can proceed further with one appropriate way for them.

2. Diverse listing of property

The foremost real estate feature is property listing. Everything people need to know about an available property must be there. It should offer people the right to add the property that they need to sell or rent without any hassle.

In the mentioned scenario, you must need a reliable and extensive database because of the increasing number of properties day by day. Furthermore, people will also rise up in numbers and an immense list will form up. Hence, make sure that the database involved in this is flexible enough to tackle this situation.

3. Advance feature of Sort and Filter

Undoubtedly, one of the critical real estate app features is an advanced way of filtering and sorting property. No one wants to witness something that is irrelevant with their thinking. The majority knows about the property they are looking for. They already figured at which location they want a property, how big, what type, budget, and surrounding. Thus, Advance sort and filter gives them an upper hand to streamline their search to save both time and effort.

4. Description and Details

All property listed necessarily contain information like photographs, videos, price structure, owner’s details, and many more. Statiscally, around 80% of users make up their mind to buy a property only by seeing the pictures and videos. Moreover, accurate contact details of the owner must be present there so interested users can have a conversation if they want.

5. Mortgage Calculator

Real estate app features must include the presence of a Mortgage calculator. By using this, users can calculate the accurate range of approx price of the property. It makes them validate the fact whether property is in their budget or not.

Accessibility of the mortgage calculator helps the users to have a nearby idea about the cost of the property. It enables you all to know how to save for down payment before moving further with the purchasing of a property.

6. Inbuilt chat or messenger

A chat or calling should be included in this list of real estate app features and cost . Through this, users can easily reach out to the agent or owner to have a conversation in the hour of need. Certainly, a great way to enhance the revenue by allowing deals to settle down on the app itself by chatting.

Indulge any of such for in-app communication like voicemail, Direct call, and chat or messenger. Users can anytime ping any seller or agent to enquire about any specific property that they like.

7. Virtual tour of property

Real estate development companies lays stress on this VR technology strongly as they are aware of the benefits of it. It can save a lot of time and push you to call a better decision by checking the property with a 360 view. Another name for virtual tours is 3D walkthroughs that give you the feeling of stepping inside the house for real.

According to deep research, 70% of new house buyers believe that a virtual tour is more significant than a real time tour. Users can attain an exciting experience through virtual tours. However, it is quite true that pictures and videos play a major role in decision making about a property.

8. Infuse push notification for lead generation

No matter what kind of app it is either it can be a real estate app or something else but must contain the option of push notification. It lets all the users have the alert and updates about the property they might be interested in along with new property that gets listed. By this, you can generate several leads that will convert into sales or customers.

9. Presence of Geolocation and mapping

Listing of the properties on the basis of the proximity of desired areas, location, and neighborhood are the quintessential among the Real estate app features. Thus, as a real estate app development company, you should include Google map integration in the application created for the same purpose.

10. Availability of Calendar

Calendar is considered to be one of those real estate app features that seems very useful for both buyers and sellers.

Take an instance that someone likes a property and they want to have a chat with the agent or the owner. Hence here the calendar comes in the picture as it tells when the owner or agent are free. You can take a slot and fix your meeting with them to communicate about the property. No issue will arise in inserting this feature in any real estate app made either for iOS or Android.

Ending Words!

All in all, these above-highlighted are the real estate app features that surely will present in each such app. It will make the task of searching for property, buying, and selling easy. No one can face any kind of hindrance while accessing these apps regarding anything in the domain of real estate.

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